ALLDOCK ONE-HAND docking system with micro-usb cable

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The new NATURALS MEDIUM/LARGE BAMBOO or WALNUT ALLDOCK now allows you to dock up to 3 devices with just one hand. You can slip your smartphone or tablet into the ALLDOCK without adjusting the cables underneath. The fourth slot gives you the flexibility to charge any other device like a fitness band or a camera. 

Only the best certified cables are used in this new system.Cable included with adapter.

REALLY IMPORTANT - Note that the ALLDOCK ONE-HAND Magnetic Adapter System is only fully compatible to the Medium & Large NATURALS ALLDOCKS purchased post 23rd Nov 2015.

Due to the new USB hub position requirement only part compatibility can be achieved with Bamboo or Walnut Top Rail Combinations that have the magnetic connector system and ABS plastic base. Please Refer Below.

Naturals Medium                                    2
Naturals Large                                    3
Combinations Timber Top Medium                                    1 (Front)
Combinations Timber Top Large                                    1 (Front)