Loyalty Program


Get 5% cash back on all your purchases on MobiEssentials.com

With the opening of a corporate account to buy from MobiEssentials, you not only get very competitive prices on your mobile phone accessories and electronic tablets but you also benefit from our buying loyalty program.

The more you buy from MobiEssentials, the more you get cash back dollars allowing you to save even more! To become eligible for this program, you simply have shop online at www.mobiessentials.com. Every year on the anniversary month of account opening,if you bought for more than $2,000 over the past 12 months, you will receive a credit equivalent to 5% of all your purchases done online.

Join today by visiting www.mobiessentials.com/account/register to open your corporate account and start earning credits on your first order

Rules and regulations

1. To qualify for the credit-purchase program from MobiEssentials, the client has completed his corporate account opening with full registration access (password) on the online store.
2. Credits are calculated at 5% on all product purchases prices ordered online and via our volume orders program (excluding clearance items, special orders and returned goods).
3. Credits are cumulated over a period of 12 months from the anniversary month of the corporate account opening.Passed the 12 months period,the client will receive a statement indicating the value of its purchase credit that can be applied to future orders.
4. Credits cannot be cashed in,are non-transferable or even to be used to settle outstanding invoices. lt can be used only inexchange for ordering accessories.
5. MobiEssentials reserves the right to refuse the application of a purchase credit against an order if the client still has overdue invoices or any other reason deemed valid by MobiEssentials.
6. Credits have a lifetime of 12 months following their emissions. If the client doesn't use them before they expiration date,they will become obsolete and cannot be reactivated.
7. A client who wishes to close its corporate account with MobiEssentials will see his right to use any remaining purchase credits withdraw.